Pre-Conference Events

In addition to the main conference program, there are a selection of pre-conference events which may be of interest to our delegates:

  • Return and Earn Tour - Monday 13th May 
  • AORA Forum: Transitioning from consumerism to the circular economy – what can we learn from the changemakers? - Monday 13th May
  • Sunrise Yoga - Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th May
Pre-conference events can be booked via the conference registration form. 

Return and Earn Tour

Return and Earn is the NSW container deposit scheme and launched in December 2017 as the most ambitious litter reduction program the NSW Government had ever implemented. 

On offer for delegates at the Waste 2024 Conference, is the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of several return points near to the conference hub in the surrounding Coffs area, hosted by TOMRA Cleanaway. 

Delegates will visit Coffs Container Return Automated Depot, a bulk container return location operated by Sell and Parker, one of Australia’s largest private scrap metal recyclers. The site offers the unique opportunity for customers to return bulk container volume in an automated setting. 

Reverse vending machines (RVMs) have become synonymous in NSW as ‘Return and Earn machines’. Delegates attending the tour will have an opportunity to use an RVM, and take a look at the back end technology that underpins a data rich, resilient and consumer centric container deposit scheme. 

Return and Earn is delivered in a tripartite partnership arrangement between Network Operator, TOMRA Cleanaway, Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change and the NSW Government, represented by the NSW EPA. All three organisations will be attending the tour to answer questions about the scheme and the NSW container deposit scheme experience.

Facilitated by: TOMRA Cleanaway

Date & Time : Monday 13th May 2024 | 3:00 PM - 5:00PM

Pick up: Bus meeting point, Opal Cove Resort

Cost: $20 (Inc GST) Includes transport and refreshments

Registration: Available via the conference registration form.

Hosts: James Dorney, CEO, Michelle Mandl, GM, Communications, Customer & Engagement & Vesna Davidovic, GM NSW, TOMRA Cleanaway

AORA Forum - Transitioning from consumerism to the circular economy – what can we learn from the changemakers?

What does it take for each of us to consider our everyday behaviours and reconsider our well-engrained consumer habits?

Headlines around climate change, diminishing natural resources, and environmental contaminants can seem overwhelming.  How can the everyday person balance these concerns against the culture of convenience and easy disposal of goods we no longer need or want?

We have all heard the phrase  “small changes can make a big difference”. But in NSW, the push for a circular economy and Net Zero relies on each of us making big changes to well engrained consumer behaviours. Increasing food waste recovery, keeping organics and recycling streams clean, safely disposing of e-waste and batteries, opting for reusable serviceware and choosing pre-loved items over new ones are some of the choices that positively impact the environment and they are within our control.

Many of us have the ability to make these sustainable choices - but do we all have the motivation?

In this session, our panel of changemakers will explore what it takes to drive behaviour change so that we can help set up our communities for sustainability success.

Facilitator: Mike Ritchie, MRA Consulting Group

Panel Members:

  • Justin Frank, Goterra
  • David Kuhn, SSROC
  • Linda Nordin, SMEC
  • Rupert Saville, NSW EPA

Date & Time: Monday 13th May 2024 | 3.30pm - 5.00pm

Venue: Osprey Room, Opal Cove Resort

Cost: $45 (Inc GST)

Inclusions: Tea/coffee, light refreshments 

Registration: Available via the conference registration form. 

Sunrise Yoga

Here at the Coffs Waste Conference, we want to make space for the wellbeing of our delegates. We appreciate that there is a lot to take in during the 3-day event, so this year we have introduced Sunrise Yoga to help our delegates feel relaxed and inspired for the day ahead.

Our yoga sessions will be held at Opal Cove Resort from 6.45am – 7.45am on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th May. This will be the perfect way for you to start your day, unwind and appreciate the beautiful surrounds of the resort. 

Numbers are limited and pre-registration and payment is required. Mats will be provided - BYO towel. 

Dates: Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th May 2024

Time: 6.45am - 7.45am

Venue: Opal Cove Resort

Cost: $25 (Inc GST)

Inclusions: Yoga mat and instructor

Registration: Available via the conference registration form.